Whaleshark watching

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Let us arrange a roundtrip Tour for you so you can swim with these huge animals in the open sea.

The whaleshark watching point is 87 kilometer from our Resort, it will take us appr. 1.5 hours to get you there.

Once you arrive you will have to attend a short seminar and pay the fee to the Municipality of Oslob (Foreign nationals 1000,- PHP and Filipinos 500,- PHP) for the snorkeling, included is

– Seminar

– Lifevest

– Boat trip in an outrigger boat to the whalesharks

– Snorkel gear

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whaleshark-1 whaleshark-2

We took this pictures while snorekling with the whalesharks..

The Filipino name for whale sharks is butanding and in Cebu they are called tuki.
You can expect to see up to 15 whale sharks including mature males, females and some juveniles. The fishermen split the whale sharks into two groups and feed them brine shrimp (their natural food) from small fishing boats.

The fishermen feed the whale sharks from 6:00am to 1:00pm and lead them in front of visitors who can be sure of getting a close-up encounter with several whale sharks.

We strongly recommend NOT to visit Tanawan at the weekend or on a public holiday as you may find the place over crowded – a long wait if you plan to go on a fisherman’s boat or too many people in the water.

You will find the whale shark experience just off-shore from a beach in the small fishing village on Tanawan, Oslob in southern Cebu.
Best time to see the whale sharks is just after dawn when the sea is usually calm.


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