Archery in the tropics, ..Sun, Palms, Ocean, Beach

 and Moalboal Beach Resort offer you a special experience:

Have you ever dreamed of doing archery in the tropics, shooting arrows in the jungle, taking aim in the shadow of palm trees or on a wide and sandy beach? Fulfill your dream with!

Archery Asia is the first and only professional archery business in the Philippines with the goal to provide the best service and archery experience possible.

Join one of our archery courses for beginners and advanced. You don’t want to take a course? Then just pass by for some hours of pure fun at one of our target ranges or 3D parkours in the Philippines.

Archery Courses

Learn archery with

What do I need to learn archery?

All you need is some time and a positive attitude. Archery is having fun outdoors, especially in the tropics, and really everybody can do it.

For rental equipment we offer a wide range of all sizes, including bows, arrows, quivers, arm protectors and special gloves.

Ask us at Moalboal Beach Resort for Packages and deals.

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