Welcome at Moalboal Beach Resort

free Wifi in public Area

free Wifi in public Area

Our team at Moalboal Beach Resort will try to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Therefore we have some ideas, suggestions and information in the following.

Once you arrive at the Resort our Staff at the front desk will accommodate you to your room, your luggage can be brought to the room, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

We offer

A security safe in the reception to keep your valuables safe and secured.
The safe is only accessible by Management.

Room service, change towel and bed sheets.
Please feel free to inform the Reception when is a convenient time to clean up your room. We have a policy that our staff will make up your room upon request.

Laundry Service, if you need a laundry service please also inform the Reception.

European/Filipino Cuisine at our open Restaurant.
If you can’t find your favorite in the Manu, please ask the waitress, we can make things happen. If you like to have your Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner on a specific time, please inform the Reception earlier.

Security Guard, a guard is securing our place from 6pm till 6am every day. He will make sure that you can enter the Resort at any time, kindly inform us, if you plan to stay out longer then midnight.

Day Trips

Kawasan Falls

The Kawasan water falls (3 steps) are located in the rain forest approximately 20 km south (after Badian). Travel on your own or rent a Service form us: approximately 30 minutes of ascent through an impressive landscape. Nice cooling swimming. Resting place tables against charge, small restaurants with simple fresh Filipino cuisine.
Be careful of the ‘guides’ offer. the walk up to the fall is very easy and you do not need a guide. Raft renting to the waterfall does not include drivers. each driver would demand 300 pesos each for pulling the raft. You need to pay an entrance fee of PHP 5.00 and will get an official receipt.
This is a nice daytrip also with a rented motorbike. You can’t miss the falls along the national road going south. You will see a big sign on the left side coming from Moalboal.

Whaleshark watching in Oslob

The Filipino name for whale sharks is butanding and in Cebu they are called tuki.
You can expect to see up to 6 whale sharks including mature males, females and some juveniles. The fishermen split the whale sharks into two groups and feed them brine shrimp (their natural food) from small fishing boats.

The fishermen feed the whale sharks from 6:00am to 1:00pm and lead them in front of visitors who can be sure of getting a close-up encounter with several whale sharks.

We strongly recommend NOT to visit Tan-awan at the weekend or on a public holiday as you may find the place over crowded – a long wait if you plan to go on a fisherman’s boat or too many people in the water.

You will find the whale shark experience just off-shore from a beach in the small fishing village on Tan-awan, Oslob in southern Cebu. This is 110km from Moalboal Beach Resort – the scenic drive along the west coast of Cebu takes around 90 minutes.
Best time to see the whale sharks is just after dawn when the sea is usually calm.

Prices for the transfer vary, a Van will be charged 5000 Pesos, additional you have to pay a fee of 1000 Pesos per head for a short seminar an.

How to get around

Rent a bike
You can rent a small motorbike (max 125cc) at the Resort, we usually provide Motorbikes in good running condition, the cost for a day rent is 300 Pesos + gasoline.
The Motorbike is a good vehicle to get around at your convenient time, stay flexible.

A Tricycle is the typical Filipino mode of transportation in rural areas. If you need this Motorbike with sidecar to get to Moalboal Town proper, Basdiot, White Beach or elsewhere we can arrange it in the Resort. You can rent tricycles on your own, but the rates might be a little bit high, we negotiated with a few driver to get special deals for our guests. We would charge the price to your room and make sure you will not get lost.
A Tricycle is good for 4 to 5 Passengers.
Rates are from the Resort and vice versa
– Lungsod (Moalboal Town), 150 Pesos one way
– Basdiot, 300 Pesos one way
– White Beach, 100 Pesos one way

If you plan to go for a daytrip round south of Cebu Island or to Cebu City this is the right choice, alternate would be taking a V-Hire of Ceres Bus at lower rates but also at very low comfort.
Rates are
– 3000 Pesos one way (Van), starts at the Resort door to door to any location in Cebu City
– 107 Pesos one way (Ceres Liner Bus), starts at Lungsod Bus Terminal and ends at South Bus Station in Cebu City, from there you will have to take a cab, the bus takes off average every 30 minutes at the bus station in Moalboal
– 100 Pesos one way (V-Hire Van), starts at Lungsod V-Hire Station and ends at South V-Hire Terminal Cebu City (Remark, a V-Hire will take off once its full, and full means full, 16 People in a small van, but you can always pay for more seats to have more space, a seat sells at 100 Pesos)

this will be arranged individually and depends on your plan.

Things to do in the Resort

Swimming in the Pool or Jacuzzi, the Pool use is free at any time, please observe cleanliness, take a shower before and after using the pool at the shower area near the Pool. The Pool is open from 7am till 8pm.

Billard, we have a Billard Table in the Restaurant Area free of charge.

Internet Wifi, the restaurant Area is equipped with a Wifi Hotspot, the connection is without password and free of charge 24 hours a day. The Hotspot is good for connection also from the balcony/terrace of the 2 Story Building, Pool Area, beach front.

Explore the Mangroves, at low tide you can walk to the shoreline. look for shells, Sea-stars and other creatures in the mangroves and nearby. You should wear shoes, slipper, so that you will not be harmed by sea urchins, their long sharp dorns can hurt if you step in it.

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